Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To accomplish this, qualified, earnest, devoted and submitted workforce has been enlisted. Vital foundation has been made and other required offices have been given. Uncommon consideration will be tended to. Uncommon endeavors will be made to spur the understudy to go to 100% classes normally, do their class and home work day by day and mix in them the propensity for difficult work and taught living. With my rich involvement with instruction part, Heritage College of Pharmacy will create great drug specialist. We trust with God’s favoring, continued difficult work of understudies and liberal contributions from the administration,  Heritage College of Pharmacy will have the option to give the nation and to the entire world future dependable pioneer with phenomenal specialized information for the advancement of the world.

Our Vision

To provide students with an exceptional education that prepares them to excel in their profession with high quality skill and be able to face the competitive world with creative leadership quality. We are solely committed in development of many reputed educational institution running under the society.  Medicines today have great power to heal and to improve the quality of life for millions of Peoples. The Pharmacist is a key health care professional in helping people achieve the best results from their medications. Pharmacists comprise the third largest healthcare professionals in the world and pharmacy profession has been evolving steadily over the last decade in India. Today, pharmacists have expanded their role from dispensing to pharmaceutical care by maximizing the benefits of medications.